3D CBCT of Jawbones


The new era in dental imaging with 3D beam cone and 3D panoramic.

Better images than computed tomography, with a segment thickness of 0.1 mm and up to 80 to 100 % less radiation.

If the problem is local, the radiation is strictly limited to the exact location without the need to irradiate the rest of the jaw. The images are excellent and the analysis of the anatomical structures is greater than with a simple CT scan, which makes it more useful for precise implant placement, for the study of dental roots in the case of endodontic therapy, for the anatomical relation of the roots with the inferior alveolar nerve in case of tooth extraction and for any cross-sectional study of the jaw and temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

The illustration is real 3D and not a reconfiguration of sections.

Excellent digital panoramic and cephalometric images with minimal radiation.

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