CT Coronary Angiography

Modern alternative solution

What is it?

A modern alternative to the control of the heart vessels without catheterization and without the need for hospitalization. It is performed with the special Multi-sectional Computed Tomographer of the laboratory (TOSHIBA AQUILION 64-SLICE) by a simple intravenous injection of a small amount of contrast fluid and in just 30 seconds.

The lungs, mediastinum and the large thoracic vessels are also examined at the same time along with the heart.

The CT coronary angiography, with the development of the technology of the modern multi-scan tomographers of 64 slices has reached the stenosis detection percentage of 99% and it is successfully applied as the first diagnostic examination in the largest cardiology centers in Europe and worldwide.

It is recommended as screening in people with hypertension, who are overweight, with high cholesterol, people with hereditary coronary artery disease, in smokers and in patients who have had a heart attack or have undergone a bypass, stent or balloon.

How is the examination performed?

A small silicone vein catheter (“butterfly” type) is inserted in the hand to administer contrast fluid which is required to complete the coronary angiography, at the appropriate time. Three (3) cardiograph electrodes are placed on the person examined and inhalation instructions are given during the examination. For the success of the examination, close cooperation is essential. Total examination time for the heart is 10 seconds.

After the examination:

You return to your daily routine without any restriction and a full medical report will be given to you a few hours later.

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