Digital Tomosynthetic Mammography (3D)

With Micro-Radiation

What is it?

The Philips Sectra Microdose Mammography-Digital Tomosynthetic Mammographer with the innovative Photon-Counting technology, is the first mammograph in the world to “scan” the breast in its full range with the specialized multi-sectional detector with 50 µm analysis, which is the largest available of all the simple digital and scan synthetic mammographers.

The final image resolution of 25 megapixels and 24 x 26 cm field resolution is the result of the reconstruction of 25 sections with 50 µm pixels, which detect all micro-calcifications which are invisible to the naked eye and detectable by a special i-CAD computer program that indicates to the doctor the suspicious malformations with automated magnification and processing thereof.

The cutting-edge Photon-Counting detector measures photons X one-by-one without unnecessary radiation to the breast, which is why it is characterised as “microdose” because the radiation dose is minimal and at a micro level up to 7 points lower than any other mammography system worldwide.

The imaging quality is equally significant as the radiation dose used and absorbed by the breast. Considering that mammography is a preventive examination required at an annual base, it is highly important to protect the breast from redundant radiation.

There is no serious reason preventing you from such an important examination.

Together we fight breast cancer.

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