Virtual Colonoscopy

In 10 seconds

What is it?

Virtual colonoscopy is a new alternative method of high sensitivity for imaging the large intestine, but without the use of the painful endoscope required in classical colonoscopy and without anaesthesia or narcosis. The diagnostic value of this new practice is very important, as it has the ability to detect diverticulosis, polyps and neoplastic malformations, providing the radiologist with a valid diagnosis, while on the other hand, it helps the clinician to administer appropriate treatment.

The examination is performed by a state-of-the-art multi-sectional scan tomographer of 64-slices with an abdominal scan speed of 10 seconds and the administration of a small amount of air (002) in the intestine via a thin 3 cm silicone tip.

In addition to the large intestine, all organs of the abdomen (liver, pancreas, gall bladder, spleen, kidneys, aorta, uterine-ovary, prostate, etc.) are also examined.


On the day before the examination, colon cleansing with special oral laxatives (e.g. FLEELAXAT COOPER) is required.

During the cleansing, the patient should be in an area with easy access to the toilet. The patient’s diet should be tailored to the cleansing needs and consist only of liquid foods (soups, juices, yogurt) and water.

The quality of the examination depends entirely on good cleansing.

On the examination day. It is recommended that the examination be done in the early hours of the morning and 60 minutes before the prescribed time of the examination, it is necessary to take 1 BUSCOPAN PLUS tablet orally, which the patient can obtain with the laxative from a pharmacy.

The patient should remain fasted until the examination is completed.

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