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Like most sites, our website uses cookies in order that we ensure its proper functionality and continuous improvement and we provide you with the best possible service and personalized and relevant with your interests content.

By reading this policy, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the use of cookies in the STAVROULIS Diagnostic Lab website.



This website is owned and operated by STAVROULIS STEFANOS & SONS Co. (Title: STAVROULIS Diagnostic Lab). Our address is 18 Apostolou Papaioannou str., 85100 Rhodes, Greece. You can contact us by the following ways:

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Cookies and other similar technologies (i.e. pixel tags, links to emails etc.) are text files containing small amount of information downloaded by any device that can be connected to internet, such as your computer, smartphone or tablet, every time you visit a website. Cookies are stored on your device every time you visit a website. They are sent back to the original site or any other site that recognizes this cookie, every time you visit a website. Cookies perform many different and useful tasks, such as remembering your preferences, improving your internet experience in general and helping us provide you better services. For example, we use cookies to:

Remember your languages and other preferences

Ensure you obtain all requested information

Track and analyze your response to advertisements and website’s content, so that we provide you with customized ads or reduce the frequency of advertisements that are not of your interest

Measure how many people visit our site and how they use it, so that we improve its content and make it function quickly and efficiently

Help us send you information relevant and responsive to your preferences and location

In the following section, you can find detailed information about the different types of Cookies we use and the purposes they serve.


STAVROULIS Diagnostic Lab website uses the following cookies:

  • – Necessary cookies: are necessary for the proper functionality of the website and enable you to navigate into it easily

Necessary cookies include:

  • Functional cookies: allow our site to remember your choices (π.χ. language or location) and other preferences, so that we can provide you with a more personalized experience

Storage time: 14 days

  • Security cookies: They provide useful information on the website’s traffic, particularly with respect to its secureness (they try to prevent the access of malware, intended to harm the website)

Storage time: 1 day

  • Non-Necessary cookies: they include:
  • Ø Analytics cookies: collect information about the use of our website and enable us to improve its functionality. They provide us with aggregated information about its performance, the number of visits to its pages, how our visitors reach the website and count the effectiveness of our advertisements.

Storage time: depends on the kind of the cookies (_ga: 2 years, _gid: 1 day, _gat: 1 minute)

  • Advertising cookies: allow us and other advertisers to promote services, products and offers relevant to your interests and preferences. They are also used to display targeted advertisements, to prevent the continuous reappearing of the same advertisement, or to avoid the display of advertisements irrelevant to you. They can still measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. These cookies remember your visits to our website and share this information with third parties, e.g. advertising companies. They may be linked with the operation of other websites.

Storage time: depends on the kind of the cookies (_fbp: 2 months, fr: 2 months)

  • – Social Media – Plug-In cookies: are included in the advertising cookies. We use them to share content with members of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. These cookies are usually installed by the social media, because you have already accepted them in their own website.

Διάρκεια  ζωής τους: 48 hours or upon the end of the browsing (depends on the kind of the cookies)

  • Third Party Cookies: we use third party partners and allow them to install cookies on your device, so that they can provide you with personalized advertisements about the STAVROULIS Diagnostic Lab or ads of related content, when you visit their own websites. In order to set your preferences of these cookies (accept them or withdraw your consent) you must visit the respective third parties websites
  • Session cookies: are temporarily stored on your device, only for as long as your visit into our site lasts and are deleted upon the end of your browsing. We use them to improve the performance of the website, by monitoring how its visitors use it (e.g. which pages you visited and for how long, which links you clicked etc.)
  • Persistent cookies: are stored on your device for a specific time after browsing our site or until you delete them. By their use, your preferences will be saved, so that they are available on your next visit and we will be able to have a more accurate idea of how often you visit our site and how its use differs over time and of the effectiveness of our advertising efforts

Storage time: 347 days


The first time you visit our website a pop-up window will present you the information about the cookies we use and ask you to consent to their acceptance. Your settings will be saved. You can withdraw your consent for the activation of cookies (where applicable) or change your cookies settings whenever you wish, by visiting the Cookies Policy, posted on our site.

The essential, functional and security cookies do not required consent, because they are technically necessary for the secure operation and the smooth functionality of the website and your connection to it.

Please note that the refusal of cookies (or some of them) is likely to limit the proper functionality of this website and prevent you by the use of all its features (e.g.  You may not be able to visit some of its pages or to receive personalized information etc.). However, in no case your access to our website will be blocked if you choose not to accept them.

You can set your cookies preferences for our website here.

Most browsers allow you to refuse the use of cookies and to delete the cookies. You can set your browser to prevent the storage of cookies on your device or to be asked about it every time you start a browsing session. You can also delete the cookies that you have already activated at any time.

The settings of the cookies depend on the browser and its current version. You can obtain the necessary information and guidance about blocking and deleting cookies for different b rowsers at the following links:

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This policy may be updated from time to time.

This current version is effective since 09.06.2020