Digital Mammography - Διαγνωστικό Εργαστήριο Σταυρούλη
Sectra Microdose

The Sectra Microdose Mammography, Digital Tomosynthetic Mammographer with the innovative Photon-Counting technology, is the first mammograph in the world to “scan” the breast in its full range with the specialized multi-sectional detector which measures X photons one-by-one without unnecessary radiation X.

As implied by its name, the radiation dose is 6 times lower than any other mammography system and with 25 megapixels resolution in a 24×26 cm field. The image produced detects all the micro-calcifications up to 50μm which are invisible to the naked eye and detectable by a special computer program!

The result? In just 10 seconds of painless breast compression, extremely credible high resolution images are produced without any “dead” elements that might overshadow micro-calcifications, and with 6 times lower radiation dose.

examination time

10 seconds


6 times lower than normal

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